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The Succeed at Secondary Family Guide is also available as a Kindle Book on Amazon.


The book is: “Clear, easy to follow and informative. The questions are very useful in opening doors to conversations and the section on coaching style is useful for self-reflection.” Nicola Woolston, (parent) Bracknell, Berkshire.

“having an opportunity to reflect on, and improve, the way I interact and support my daughter.” Nicola Woolston, (parent) Berkshire “having advice on hand.” Becky Robert,s (parent) Surrey

Using the I.C.E. Approach “Identify a small area/part of a bigger area to work on. Connect through ‘random’ conversation not questioning. Explore solutions by offering options. Make small changes in a few areas, don’t try to climb a mountain.” Helen Dodwell, (parent) Berkshire.

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