• Are your classes full of children who are desperate to learn?
  • Are the children always well organised?
  • Can they all ignore distractions?
  • Do they all do their best to avoid distracting others?
  • Do they all display grit and a desire to learn – a mindset for successful learning?

Succeed at Secondary was written by an experienced teacher to encourage parents to work on learning attitudes. You will do your best to improve learning attitudes and you may become frustrated if you fail to do so. Working closely with parents on learning attitudes will improve learning and make your life easier.

The interaction between learning skills and learning attitudes is the key. Working with parents you can help to shape the ‘inner voice‘ of any child you teach. Influencing a child’s ‘inner voice’ is easier when you CONNECT. When parents and teachers work together, using the same language, children are more likely to listen.

The I.C.E. Approach is not a quick fix. It takes a lot of time and effort to change attitudes. However, you will be surprised at how much difference you can make with a slight change in focus. When home and school are working together on ‘being organised’ ‘going out of your comfort zone’ ‘concentration’ etc., real progress will be made.

Using Succeed at Secondary (book) and Succeed (workshops)
1. We can deliver the Succeed parent workshops in your school.
2. Alternatively you can simply request the FREE guidance material and deliver the workshops yourself.
3. Succeed at Secondary (book) is available to schools at a significant discount when 10+ are purchased.

Training on using the Identify – Connect – Explore (I.C.E.) Approach in school is available. Tutors working with children aged 11-13 can really make an impact on learning attitudes and behaviour using our I.C.E. Approach.

Secondary schools can use our approach to develop independent learning skills. Primary schools can build confidence and focus on learning attitudes before transition to secondary. All our training includes support on classroom management strategies. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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