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If schools are interested in helping parents to ‘Grow an adult’ and improve learning attitudes, the I.C.E. Approach in ‘Succeed at Secondary’ is a good way to start. Succeed4Parents  workshops are organised through schools and community groups. The availability of our Learning Solutions Innovation team will depend on your location and our commitments.

With our guidance it is possible for you to deliver our parent workshops. We can provide, free of charge, the support materials that we use. You can contact us for more guidance to help you plan your programme. Additional videos for use in supporting parent workshops can be found on the Joe Slevin Youtube channel.

Schools seeking to address issues relating to ‘Growth Mindset’ will understand that parental support for learning attitudes is vital. Our focus is on parents but we can provide training for schools that wish to improve learning attitudes or  teachers’ skills in managing learning. Joe’s advice on behaviour management, based on four decades in the classroom and most recently as a supply teacher, is highly regarded.

Staff training for schools is organised to meet the specific needs of each school involved.

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