Your older, adult child will need to cope with failure, disappointment and all that life brings. Having a mindset that supports learning is vital. You can be a learning coach with a little guidance on Learning Skills and Learning Attitudes.



Being a learning coach

You can be a ‘learning coach’ simply by bringing an adult mind to the issues that concern your children. When you know what to focus on you can IDENTIFY your children’s needs. You can easily work on shaping the attitudes that support learning.

Succeed at Secondary was written to support you. The Identify – Connect – Explore (I.C.E.) Approach helps you have useful conversations. When you CONNECT you begin to understand your child’s ‘inner voice‘. The more you understand your child’s learning skills and learning attitudes the easier it is to help.

You don’t need to understand physics to help with physics homework. In fact, your goal is to help your children solve their own problems. You are ‘growing an adult’.

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